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What do you do for Commercial Water Damage in a Merritt Island Office that Needs Rapid Cleanup?

9/19/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO vehicle with trailer on-site SERVPRO uses the latest technology and equipment for any size water damage remediation service for your commercial building.

Contact the Experts at SERVPRO, You can Depend on their Experienced Technicians to handle the Catastrophe Properly

There is very little worse than opening the door to your business and finding a wet carpet. After immediately shutting off the water main to the building and contacting a plumber, the next call should be to get restoration services active so the office can reopen as fast as possible. 

One of the first actions SERVPRO techs do upon arrival to a business with commercial water damage in Merritt Island is to scope the property. This involves the use of their advanced moisture detection equipment to "see" if the water is present within the subfloor or has wicked into sheetrock behind baseboards. This care in looking over a property allows the techs to determine the actual scale of water damage.

Safety During Water Removal

When the SERVPRO techs work on extracting the standing water, areas where slip and fall accidents from a wet floor are possible get cordoned off and marked with yellow tape. To call attention to anyone in the area to move with care. 

Drying Phase of Water Damage Mitigation

SERVPRO techs spend extra time on the water removal as it lessens the overall drying time and assists in helping the office get back to normal sooner. The techs raise furnishings on blocks to dry them in place whenever possible. This step helps limit the disruption to the office that can happen when large amounts of furniture get moved out and moved back in. Raising desks, chairs, and tables on blocks helps to ensure any wood stains do not bleed onto the flooring and water does not affect the legs.

Cleaning and Odor Control After Merritt Island Water Damage

After drying, the techs clean the water damaged areas with professional-grade antimicrobials and other cleaning agents. This phase of the mitigation not only sanitizes but also assists in eliminating odors. If any residual odors remain after cleaning, the techs have equipment that can overtake musty smells and other devices that can remove scents at the molecular level. If the techs determine conditions that may support mold growth, the techs may apply an antimicrobial sealant to discourage spore development before repairs to the plumbing.

SERVPRO of Central Brevard at (321) 638-4947 has the experience and professional equipment to turn around any type of commercial water damage to make the damage, "Like it never even happened."

How Is Fire Damage in My Cocoa Home Likely to Affect my Daily Routines?

9/12/2021 (Permalink)

fire extinguisher in front of fire background SERVPRO IICRC certified techs have the experience and training for any size fire damage restoration service needed for your home.

SERVPRO can Help You Deal with Hazards, Soiling, and Other Problems that Fires Cause

Daily activities such as heating, cooking, or operating electrical gadgets pose a risk of starting fires at your Cocoa home. Various safety measures, such as the installation of sprinkler systems and placement of fire extinguishers within the home, help add a layer of protection. Still, you cannot rule out the chance of a fire happening. Such incidents have several implications, including monetary costs involved in restoring or replacing items. Most people rarely think of how a fire incident changes daily routines, thus causing unnecessary inconveniences. Since each incident presents unique challenges, you cannot have a perfect action plan before the fire happens. However, the actions you take after the incident matter.

Is it Safe to be in a House After a Fire? 

After an incident leads to fire damage in your Cocoa home, you are likely to feel inclined to venture into the house to see what was damaged or at least to salvage any valuables that survived the blaze. Such a visit can have severe implications and can end up worsening the damages to your property. Unplanned forays into houses ravaged by fire are not ideal because you might:

  • Expose yourself to harmful substances
  • Cause additional damages such as spreading residues
  • Risk injury from physical hazards

The reasons why fire damage sites pose such risks to you include:

  • The presence of residues from combustion processes
  • Weakened structural supports
  • Damaged electrical cables

Professional restorers are aware of the risks and therefore take precautions to safely enter the damaged house. Our SERVPRO technicians have various PPE, Personal Protective Equipment, including heavy-duty gloves and rubber boots, which guarantee their safety when they enter the site the first time to evaluate the damages. The information we gather from scoping the area is what helps us deal with an incident "Like it never even happened." 

The immediate response includes simple as well as advanced steps. For example, we remove all foodstuffs from freezers and other storage units. We also check the depth of charring on structural supports and other physical hazards, such as frayed wires. Suppose the fire only affects a specific section of the property, such as the kitchen. In that case, we can use engineering controls such as setting up containment barriers with plastic sheets to isolate the area, allowing you to access the rest of the house safely.

What Safeguards Does a House Need After a Fire Incident?

The pain of losing valuables in a fire can distract you to the point of forgetting that you still have a duty to safeguard what the fire did not consume. In most incidents, parts of the structure and contents remain intact, thus necessitating protection before an action plan is formulated to address the damage. Our SERVPRO technicians help protect the structure by installing tarps or boarding up openings on the roof and walls, respectively. We can also help move contents within the structure or move them out to an external storage facility.  

Boarding up helps protect the house by keeping out small animals, people, rain, and other weather elements. It can also help retain the visual appeal of your home in case that matters to you. Our technicians use different board up techniques:

  • Cover over
  • Insertion
  • Bolt with tension

The cover over technique places plywood boards over an opening by attaching them to surfaces around the opening. Although it is fast, it offers minimal security since the boards are easy to pull out with a pry bar or other flat tool. Insertion involves cutting the boards so that they fit into openings such as windows and doors that we need to seal, offering more security. For the bolt with tension technique, a plywood board overlaps the exterior wall, covering the opening. It is connected with bolts to two-by-four planks on the inner section of the wall. Apart from security, we also consider prevailing factors on site, including how long we expect the restoration process to take when choosing the board-up method.

Does It Take Time To Restore Fire Damage? 

Although you may want to regain access to your home without any delays, it is not always possible. Tasks such as cleanup and restoration of affected areas can take time. One reason why delays occur is that it is difficult to carry out different tasks simultaneously. For example, cleaning surfaces, drying, and refinishing them cannot happen concurrently. After scoping damaged sites, our SERVPRO technicians can give accurate estimates of how long the process is likely to take, allowing you to prepare accordingly.

SERVPRO of Central Brevard can help better navigate the woes of a fire-damaged property in Merritt Island, Cape Canaveral, or Cocoa Beach. Call us any time at (321) 638-4947. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

If You Have Water Damage, Cocoa Property Owners Call SERVPRO.

8/24/2021 (Permalink)

Rows of SERVPRO equipment When water damage hits home, SERVPRO should be the first call. Water damage restoration is a specialty of ours. Call now!

SERVPRO Near Cocoa Saves Homes from Water Damage

While Cocoa residents can take precautions like keeping gutters clean, planting rain gardens, and keeping sandbags around in case of water damage emergencies, these measures may not work for every problem. Without professional intervention, an upstairs bathtub overflow can quickly seep through floor tiles and damage subflooring and ceilings below.

Water damage cleanup for Cocoa homes is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week from SERVPRO restoration technicians. Technicians are trained to perform water mitigation and structural restoration services, like drywall repair and floor tile cleaning, per restoration industry best practices.

SERVPRO Structural Drying Saves Floors and Ceilings Alike

After technicians extract moisture from surfaces, SERVPRO’s axial and centrifugal air movers can be positioned to address water damage in flooring and ceiling cavities. These air movement tools are typically placed at 45- to 90-degree angles to pull moist air out of these materials for dehumidifiers to collect.

Dehumidifier setup needs can be broken down into four main classes of water damage:

  • Class 1 water damage involves minimal moisture exposure for structural materials.
  • Class 2 scenarios include less than 24 inches of water wicked up walls and a moderate amount of porous materials exposed to moisture.
  • Class 3 water damage requires extensive cleanup, especially when water comes from overhead.
  • Class 4 is reserved for specialty drying. This can include materials like wood, ground soil, or concrete.

Homeowners can contact SERVPRO of Central Brevard at (321) 638-4947 for a team that proves that We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster.

Finding Mold Damage In Your Merritt Island Home

8/12/2021 (Permalink)

Mold in window Don't let mold take over. Call the experts at SERVPRO for assistance. We're faster to any size disaster.

Why SERVPRO for Mold Damage Restoration

The discovery of fungal or mold growth in your Merritt Island home can be a hard thing to combat. Even without knowing that mold could potentially cause health effects to those exposed, the colonies themselves can become widespread and unsightly. Most seek out a way to rid themselves of the growing organism as soon as possible, and this need requires the use of professional remediation services.

More people do not rush to fight off the mold damage in their Merritt Island home because they do not fully understand the process itself. With so many websites suggesting that mold removal is simple to achieve with conventional cleaning methods, homeowners naturally assume that their efforts have eradicated the growing colonies and simultaneously prevented the problem from recurring.

Containment to Prevent the Spread of Mold Damage

SERVPRO professionals get uniquely trained to handle all varieties of mold and fungal growth, along with the most efficient current remediation techniques and practices to expedite the process in your home. This process begins with our initial assessment of the area to be sectioned off. We get to work immediately in setting up a perimeter around the affected area using negative air chambers and negative air chambers and air scrubbers with HEPA filters to neutralize active spores and prevent their spread from the current work area.

While the remediation process is involved and requires much equipment to achieve successfully, these steps do not become complete until the source of the food supply for the mold spores has gotten eliminated as well. A thorough inspection of the entire affected area should lend some clues as to where the moisture and dampness are coming from and give our experienced SERVPRO technicians the ability to repair this damage and prevent future recurrences.

While there is inevitably someone in your life or something you have read on the internet to suggest that mold remediation is a simple project, sometimes it is best left to the professionals. Our SERVPRO of Central Brevard emergency response team can be reached anytime by calling (321) 638-4947.

Fire Damage Can Devastate Your Merritt Island Home

8/6/2021 (Permalink)

Firefighter spraying water hose SERVPRO professionals are available 24/7 to assist with fire damage in your Merritt Island home. Give us a call right away.

Rely on the Professionals at SERVPRO for Expert Fire Damage Restoration

Nothing can be quite as devastating to witness as a fire breaking out in your Merritt Island home. Even if the blaze does not ravish every inch of the structure, lingering effects can still make it challenging to live comfortably in your house following the incident. Fortunately, this is nothing that you have to correct all on your own. By employing professional restoration specialists, you can have your home back to preloss conditions much more quickly and begin the process of moving on from the traumatic event.

These lingering effects of fire damage to your Merritt Island residence can hit you in several different ways. Everyone responds to these conditions differently, and your family might get bothered more by specific symptoms than others. This fact makes it critical to keep an open line of communication with the SERVPRO technicians that arrive to begin the restoration process in your home following the fire. By talking about the effects and damage that bother you the most and challenge comfortable living for your family, our specialists can prioritize these areas to help you through the restoration process more efficiently.

Lingering odors are a typical complaint for homeowners following any sized fire, and deodorization is a crucial component of the restoration process for our SERVPRO professionals. Utilizing thermal foggers and other similar equipment, we can chemically alter the molecules in these noxious areas of your house and leave the site without any scent at all.

Smoke and Soot Damage

Another typical complaint for those who have recently experienced a fire in their home is the smoke and soot damage to specific regions of their residence. Our IICRC certified technicians utilize vacuums and cleaning equipment to prepare walls and ceilings for repainting. We also use a wet solution for set-in soot in conjunction with the conventional cleaning processes to penetrate the damage and remove it as much as possible. Air scrubbers with HEPA filters remove any lingering debris in the air and provide fewer sources for further marring damage to surfaces.

There is nothing easy about contending with fire damage to your home. However, with our experience and professionalism, SERVPRO of Central Brevard can help you restore your home to preloss conditions and move on with your life. Give us a call today at (321) 638-4947.  

Merritt Island is at Risk of Flooding Damage During Heavy Storms

7/28/2021 (Permalink)

Person standing in flood water Contact SERVPRO's team of experts for any level of flood damage in your home. We are always available to help.

Merritt Island Homeowners can Prepare for the Risk of Flood Damage by Identifying a Water Restoration Team.

Weather events surprise us year after year, and Merritt Island is not exempt from adverse weather events. Whenever storms and rain cause water levels to rise, the risk of flooding increases and the most important step one can take is to be ready with all the necessary resources for when disaster strikes. Knowing who the premier water restoration team is in the area can save precious time and money when it matters most.

In Merritt Island, flood damage can be left in the capable hands of our SERVPRO staff. The moment we reach your home, we begin by assessing the extent of the damage and developing a targeted plan focusing on salvaging as much as possible and mitigating your flood damage. For the benefit of our clients, we document the water restoration steps we take, which is useful in the insurance claim process. Similarly, we offer move-out services to remove unaffected items from the home and store them safely until the water damage repairs are complete and the house is ready for them.

Water cleanup involves much more than drying your floors and airing out your home. A complete water remediation process includes applying anti-microbial solutions, deodorizing your home, and using ozone generators and air scrubbers to purify the air in your home. Our SERVPRO staff is knowledgeable on the proper use of the equipment and EPA-approved cleaning solutions and applies this expertise in every step we take.

We hope you never encounter flood damage in your home but, if you do, SERVPRO of Central Brevard is ready to help. Call us at (321) 638-4947 and let us work hard until your home looks and feels “Like it never even happened.”

Full Fire Damage Restoration For Your Cocoa Home

7/16/2021 (Permalink)

Before and after fire illustration Fire can leave your property with many issues. Trust our experts to bring your home back to its original state "Like it never even happened."

SERVPRO Remediates All Types of Fire and Soot Damage in Local Homes

Significant structural fires involving your Cocoa home can leave a lot of lingering damage. You might not even be aware of the full extent of the damage until you have competent inspections accomplished to determine everything that has gotten affected. The traumatic event is almost impossible to move forward from without restoring the immediate pressing damages, not to mention the lack of comfortable living from the lingering effects that fire presents to your house.  

Fortunately, your home can get restored from its recent fire damage in Cocoa. With the efforts of our experienced SERVPRO restoration technicians, we can bring a highly damaged home back to preloss conditions. Through communication and prioritization of the most pressing concerns, our experienced professionals can isolate the most substantial symptoms to help you feel comfortable in your home once again throughout the entire restoration process.  

Assessment of Fire Damage

When we arrive at your house to do initial inspections to determine the full range of the damage, we also put a strong priority on sealing up structurally compromising holes and broken windows/doors. The reason for doing this is to prevent elemental damage to make matters worse for both our restorers and for your family.  

While your family might be able to live in a home that has some smoke and soot damage for a short time while the restoration process is underway, many families cannot often stomach the smell that circumstances like these tend to leave in the affected areas. Using our state-of-the-art equipment like foggers with odorless chemical compounds, we can neutralize noxious odors that linger behind after a fire and make your home life vastly more comfortable simultaneously. 

With significant blazes that affect your home, restoration efforts might not always be a possibility. In these circumstances, our SERVPRO technicians can work to prepare the area for reconstruction. Often, this involves controlled demolition to specific areas to ensure that the scope of the construction does not exceed what is necessary. Our efforts in this regard ensure that a contractor can begin work on this right away.  

You might be looking at the fire damage to your home and are unsure where to begin. When you contact our experienced restoration specialists at SERVPRO of Central Brevard, we can help you to better understand the full scope of what you are facing. You can reach our emergency response team anytime by calling (321) 638-4947.  

Leaking Pipes Can Allow Water Damage to Occur in Your Cocoa Residence

7/8/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO vehicle Call SERVPRO day or night after a water catastrophe in your home. We are here to help!

SERVPRO Technicians Understand the Importance of Drying Out Your Property to Help Prevent Secondary Mold Damages

You might not always think about all of the dangers and disasters that could ultimately affect your Cocoa residence. While natural disasters are a persistent threat to those in this area, there are equally as many issues that could result inside your home that can cause significant damage to the structural integrity of your house if they do not get handled quickly and efficiently. For water damage emergencies that threaten your home, professional restoration services are a wise choice to make. 

Burst Pipes Cause Water Damage

There are numerous causes for water damage in your Cocoa home. Among the most typical of these would be a persistent leak in the indoor plumbing. While this might not seem like that credible of a threat at first, over time, this steady leak can cause a broad area of your home to get damaged. While this occurrence can be traumatic and costly, it is only the tip of the iceberg for what could happen when water and damp areas get left to resolve themselves. 

Our SERVPRO professionals work to ensure that any issue you face in your home gets dealt with promptly. We understand that your time and money are valuable assets. So we put our expertise and professionalism to work to give you a complete final product that restores your home to the way that it was before you suffered the damage. 

While repairing the damage to the plumbing that causes the steady leak is a critical component of the restoration process, it is only the beginning of the work that needs to be done. Our thermal imagery can detail the total reach of the water damage and present moisture so that the right tools and equipment get used to dry out the area successfully. 

An assessment also determines if there are any indications of mold growth throughout the affected area. Even letting water damage continue for a short time provides the right conditions for mold spores to colonize, so this is a legitimate threat to your home that our SERVPRO professionals must ensure is not present. 

You can always trust in the experience and professionalism of SERVPRO of Central Brevard. Our certified restoration specialists can get reached anytime by calling (321) 638-4947. 

Why Do Cocoa Residents Need Skilled Techs Handling Mold Damage?

6/21/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO technician Mold damage is not a DIY project you want. Leave it to our skilled professionals at SERVPRO.

Hiring SERVPRO for Mold Damage Remediation Gets Your Cocoa Property Back to Normal Quick

Any water damage event within your Cocoa property means there is the potential for mold infestation. Without proper care with mold inspections, remediations, and removal, you could face costly damage that becomes more extensive the longer you put it off. If you start to spot the signs of mold growth, you must act as quickly as possible by calling certified restoration as we offer here at SERVPRO. 

Why call on SERVPRO to help with mold damage in Cocoa? We have high-tech tools, equipment, and products to execute the job quickly and efficiently. Not only do we protect our team safely with protocols and safety gear, but we also create work zones to protect unaffected areas within your home. 

Where Does Black Mold Grow?

The onset of mold is usually typical in bathrooms, kitchens, and other areas where moisture is present. Should you have any ceiling leaks or storm damage, you may have an infestation behind your drywall or beneath ceiling tiles. All mold needs to thrive is the right temperature, enough moisture, and organic materials as a food source. Whether you need bathroom mold removal or help in another area of your home, our mold remediation strategies usually include:

  • Proper containment within the work zone. Isolation prevents the spreading of mold spores. 
  • Air filtration with HEPA filters and air scrubbers to remove spores from the air.
  • The use of cutting-edge remediation techniques to effectively and safely remove the mold.
  • Cleaning of the impacted area with the help of specialized antimicrobials to inhibit further mold growth.

Any mold damage is too much, which is why our team at SERVPRO of Central Brevard is here to assist with cleanup and removal. Call us at (321) 638-4947!

Flood Damage Experts Nearby to Cape Canaveral

6/9/2021 (Permalink)

'Safety First' sign against blue sky background Are you equipped to safely remove flood water? SERVPRO is! We are always available to dry and restore your home.

Stormwater Extraction is a Cornerstone of SERVPRO Water Cleanup and Restoration Services

Being close to the ocean makes Cape Canaveral susceptible to flooding. High-speed winds and excessive rain often cause damage to your home or condo. If water levels outside get deep, then the rainwater possibly leaks into your house from the bottom of door seals.

High-speed winds sometimes blow branches or other objects into windows or the exterior walls, causing a hole for water that allows moisture from the rain to enter your building. SERVPRO's flood damage technicians in Cape Canaveral have experience with mitigating water damages of all kinds. Rainwater sometimes presents challenges due to water contamination.

Often water coming from the outside has high contamination levels. Contaminated water can cause foul odors to exist inside a structure. In any water damage situation that does not involve clean water, our SERVPRO experts may test the water to figure out how contaminated it is. If the levels are high, soaked, porous materials inside the home may need replacing.

If the contamination levels are low, it is sometimes possible to mitigate the problem with extraction and drying. Many times we save your insurance company money (and you) by preventing costly replacement of building materials or contents. During the extraction process, we use specialized equipment to pull moisture out of your house.

After water gets extracted from any carpet, upholstery, or hardwood floor, we begin the drying step. Our goal is to create the ideal environment during a dry-out project to speed up the evaporation process. We start by taking moisture levels, temperature, and humidity readings using specialized instruments.

We then set up air movers and dehumidifiers that accelerate evaporation by circulating the area with warm, dry air. Sometimes other more specialized drying equipment or techniques get used for drying out specific building materials. For example, sometimes, we use injection drying equipment that pumps air into wall cavities drying out the wall's studs. This unique equipment, the Injectimatic, is on our trucks, ready for use when needed.

Sometimes water coming inside a structure from the outside causes damage to the building's HVAC system. Usually, the HVAC ventilation system is located in the attic or crawlspace and is difficult to access. If the vents are stainless steel, it is possible to dry and clean them. If the vents contain fiberglass insulation, the insulation gets pulled out and replaced.

If the ventilation system does not get cleaned, a mildew or mold smell may develop inside the house. For professional help with water damage in your home after a rainstorm, call SERVPRO of Central Brevard at (321) 638-4947 for help 24/7.