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What is the Best Way to Respond After A Bathtub Overflows, Flooding A Home?

10/27/2020 (Permalink)

water damaged carpet; plastic sheeting creating a barrier to dry room Sometimes we use plastic sheeting to create drying chambers.

SERVPRO Uses Regular Water Removal Procedures in Cocoa Homes but Avails Unique Resources to Tackle Any Challenges that Arise 

Water intrusion poses many risks in a home, including mold development, rotting, swelling, and other material deterioration types in the structure. However, they do not always happen, mostly when removal occurs early enough. SERVPRO helps Cocoa property owners take only the necessary water removal actions, thus expediting the process and limiting the cost implications that the incident might have. 

What should the initial water removal process in Cocoa homes involve? 

  • Extracting pooling water
  • Removing moisture trapped behind tiles or wooden floorboards
  • Extraction of moisture from carpets, upholstery, and other porous materials
  • Restoring normal humidity levels

When the water spill in Cocoa originates from an overflowing bathtub, it is easier to stop the source by simply turning off the faucet or opening the drain if it is not clogged. Removal efforts can then shift to extracting the water that reached unwanted sections of your house before you could take remedial action. 

How often do bathtubs cause water damage? 

It is possible to get distracted by other tasks while running water into your bathtub, leading to overfilling. However, the system has some countermeasures to prevent spillover, leading to damage if installed correctly. For instance, the overflow pipe, which is connected to the wastewater outlet, should eliminate excess water once the water in the tub rises over a certain level if it is not clogged or punctured. Therefore, when you notify our SERVPRO team about the problem at your house, we try to establish whether there might be other issues in the system supplying water to the bathtub that might have caused the problem, including: 

  • Leaky supply pipes
  • Faulty faucet gaskets or retaining nuts
  • Problems in the flexible pipe connectors or waste outlet trap 

How challenging is the water removal process? 

Once the water spills from the bathtub, it can flow to different areas in your house. The extent of such spreading is one of the main aspects of determining how challenging the water removal process in Cocoa might end up being. If the water flows freely for hours before you notice and stop the source, you have more wet areas to dry or large pools of water to extract to restore the house to its preloss state.

Our SERVPRO technicians help ease this by providing adequate resources to match the challenges. For instance, availing a high capacity extractor such as a truck-mounted water extractor provides over 185-inch water lift capacity, which is more efficient than the typical 140-inch lift that portable extractors provide. Such higher capacity applications can help clear pools faster or extract water from saturated carpets or other porous materials. 

Is removal easy if minimal water is spilled? 

Ideally, after a leak involving a small amount of water, it should be easy to complete removal, restoring the property to its preloss state. However, other issues not related to the water amount might complicate the process: 

  • Water can ingress into cavities
  • Semi porous materials might absorb the spilled water
  • The water can heighten humidity levels in the house 

Water can easily find a way behind the decorative panel surrounding the bathtub or reach below the bathroom floor tiles. Regular extraction procedures cannot remove such water, yet it might cause severe mold development or a foul odor, among other severe problems. Our SERVPRO technicians use specialized equipment and removal procedures to address these challenges.   

Using thermal cameras, we can check the level of water penetration in cavities without tearing down materials. We also use thermos-hygrometers to determine humidity levels in different house sections because of the water leak. Depending on the findings, we choose the best tools to use for successful removal. For the water under the floor tiles, drying mats can help extract it conveniently without removing the tiles.   

In cases where porous materials such as wooden floorboards absorb the spilled water, there is a need to dry them to the standard 10% moisture content. Drying requires a sustained evaporation rate. The evaporation rate may also need to be regulated to avoid physical problems such as solid wood panels cracking. Setting up drying chambers is one way to achieve both goals. Our technicians use plastic sheets to create a sectioned off area in the targeted areas. We then use air movers to circulate more air in the chamber, quickening evaporation. Dehumidifiers help extract moisture from the air. 

SERVPRO of Central Brevard helps Merritt Island, Cape Canaveral, and Cocoa Beach homeowners regain control after water damage. Call us at (321) 638-4947 so that we can help you deal with any incident, "Like it never even happened."

Does a Fire Restoration Team Address Air Quality in a Cocoa Home?

10/25/2020 (Permalink)

fire damaged home When you reach out to SERVPRO of Central Brevard by calling (321) 638-4947, you access an expert team ready to work for you.

A Professional Fire Restoration Team Can Help Purify the Air in a Cocoa Home After a Home Fire Erupts.

Defective electrical cords, combustion of flammable materials in a garage, or a simple kitchen accident can all cause a fire at your Cocoa home. Whether the flames died down quickly or burned for a while, the smoke and soot remaining in your home can sneak into closets, cabinets, and vents. For a comprehensive restoration process, rely on a competent team to help you.

In Cocoa, fire damage restoration is our specialty at SERVPRO. We are certified by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) to use the latest techniques to restore fire damage, including treatment of the air in your home. Using technology such as air scrubbers and thermal foggers, we seek to neutralize and eliminate harmful molecules from your environment.

Can homeowners just wipe soot away from its surfaces to finalize the cleanup process?
Most people don’t realize that there are different soot types depending on the item burning to create it. Natural materials such as wood make a cloud of fine dust, whereas man-made materials can leave a sticky residue harder to remove. Each type of remnant requires a corresponding cleaner, which is typically abrasive. A misstep in the cleaning solution can exacerbate the damage to your home and belongings, making them unsalvageable.

As far as the smell in your home following a fire, our SERVPRO crew pays close attention to it and applies different tactics to remove it from your home permanently. Some of those tactics may include the following:
    •    Use of deodorizing pellets
    •    Thermal foggers to spray neutralizing solutions throughout your home
    •    Ozone generators to kill smell molecules

When you reach out to SERVPRO of Central Brevard by calling (321) 638-4947, you access an expert team ready to work for you. By taking a holistic view of the damage, we can make a robust plan with the ultimate goal of leaving your home, “Like it never even happened.”

Why is Taking Inventory Important after Flood Damage?

10/16/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO technicians packing up box Our SERVPRO teams handle your valuables with care while carefully documenting your belongings.

Merritt Island Residents Want to Know Their Belongings are Accounted for.

No one wants to deal with a flood in Merritt Island. Floods can leave personal belongings ravaged and homes in need of repair. 

You cannot always prevent flood damage to your Merritt Island home, but you can call a trustworthy restoration service to help you put your life back together afterward. SERVPRO is an excellent choice because We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster – and we understand the importance of taking inventory.

Why is inventory necessary?

There is a strong likelihood that you will, at some point, need to contact your insurance company after a flood. Anything you can do to make the process smoother is helpful, and we are on hand to help by:

  • Keeping thorough records of flood-damaged items
  • Being clear about what we can salvage and what we must replace
  • Taking photographs to back up our records
  • Talking with insurers on your behalf

Why is the relationship between SERVPRO and your insurance company important?

 Our teams understand the insurance industry and how to provide information in the way insurers require it. We know that there are specific processes which make insurance claims easier, such as:

  • Keeping proof of our work
  • Making sure all technicians that work in your property have thorough background checks
  • Performing background checks on temporary workers as well as full-time franchise staff
  • Carrying out regular audits to ensure we meet strict quality assurance standards

Thorough knowledge of how to liaise with insurers and how to keep inventory and records means a faster, smoother claims process for you. It also means you can leave it to us to talk with your insurance company, which is one less issue for you to stress over while recovering from the shock of flood damage.

What about pack-outs?

Inventory is also essential during pack-outs. If we need to take your belongings away for storage or cleaning, rest assured we will take stock before moving them. We retake inventory before we bring them back, to ensure everything is present and correct.

If you are concerned about talking to insurers after flood damage, start by talking to SERVPRO of Central Brevard at (321) 638-4947.

The New Normal in Cocoa, Florida

9/30/2020 (Permalink)

How can it be almost October already?!  I have never before experienced nine months that felt so short and like an eternity all at the same time.  2020 has been a year like no other.  We always face our share of difficulties in any given year, but this one, well… let us just say that 2021 cannot get here quickly enough.

In this unprecedented year we have already dealt with massive fires, impending war, Tiger King obsession, toilet paper shortages, murder hornets, social and political upheaval on many fronts, and flooding and wind damage from a record-breaking hurricane season that is still not over.  As if that wasn’t enough, we are also dealing with a global pandemic that is like nothing anyone has seen in over a hundred years.

Everyone, everywhere, has had to adjust to what is being described as the “new normal”.  People are finding new ways of interacting with each other, online shopping and Zoom meetings are becoming ubiquitous, grocery and food delivery companies are seeing a huge boom while small brick and mortar business are struggling just to keep the doors open.  We saw the highest rate of unemployment since the Great Depression but companies like Amazon are hiring people as fast as they can to keep up with the demand. Businesses of all kinds are developing new ways to reach out and engage their customers and get their products out to them.

But as I look around, I am grateful that we are living in this time.  We have the knowledge and the tools that make adapting to these difficult challenges possible.  High-speed internet is widely available and major advances in communications technology have given us many avenues to maintain and even grow our businesses and personal connections.  If this pandemic had hit us twenty years ago we might have been looking at a very different outcome.  People were not able to work and go to school from home, grocery and food delivery were almost unheard of, and video communication was just in its infancy. Unemployment would have been catastrophic, and we would have been much more isolated from one another.  So, if there is any silver lining it is that the ingenuity of man has allowed us to chart a course through this storm much more easily.

We here at SERVPRO of Central Brevard have had to discover our new course as well.  It soon became clear to us that no matter what was going on in the world, even in our backyards, that certain constants do not go away.  Water lines still break, fires still blaze, and storms continue to come our way even when people are sick.  And when they do, we still need to jump into action and provide the help that is needed.  We have just had to adjust the way we do it.  SERVPRO has been providing bio-hazard cleanup for years.  That training and experience means that we know exactly what to do and how to protect ourselves and our clients while we do the work that is so desperately needed.  Because of this experience we are in a position to be a valued resource in our community for preventative cleaning and decontamination when an exposure has happened.

The world around us has changed. The ways we socialize, conduct business, and gain an education have changed.  What has not changed is the tenacity of the human spirit and our amazing ability to take on and overcome all the challenges thrown at us.

Hang in there, we will only get through this together. Stay safe, stay connected to each other, and call if you need us.  We are always here to help.

What is the Best Way to Handle Fire Damage?

9/29/2020 (Permalink)

The side of a green SERVPRO 18 wheeler. SERVPRO is the team you need after your Cocoa fire damage, call us today.

SERVPRO’s Fire Restoration Services Bring Your Cocoa Property Back to Pre-Loss Condition Quickly and Efficiently

There is much emotional damage involved when you have a house fire beyond any charred belongings and building materials. You may have had keepsakes, photographs, and other unique items in the fire that leave you feeling lost and frustrated. SERVPRO features a team of highly-trained fire and smoke restoration technicians (FSRT) who take the cleanup burden off your shoulders. When you want results quickly, you can rest assured that we are Faster to Any Size Disaster. Our crew arrives within four hours or less of your call so that we can begin work right away.

Regardless of the age or condition of your home, no structure is indestructible. When it comes to fire restoration in Cocoa, you need a team that understands fire, smoke, and water damage to ensure you have the best results. SERVPRO works to minimize damage to your personal property, the structure, and all building materials. 

When Will the Home Be Safe to Enter?

There can be many hidden dangers within a Cocoa home right after a fire incident. It is essential that you know not to enter your home until the first responders deem that the building is safe. Depending on the extent of the damage, entering too soon could be hazardous. In addition to charred building materials and overhead hazards, there is also the potential for electrical shock or slip and fall dangers. It is also best that you never turn on any utilities unless the fire department gives the green light.

When Does the Insurance Company Get Notified?

Within most homeowner’s insurance policies, it states that the company must be contacted as soon as possible with a loss report. After a fire in your home, you must contact your insurance provider as soon as possible to notify them of the incident. Our team at SERVPRO will assist you with ensuring you have all of the necessary documentation regarding damage. Working to help customers streamline their insurance claim process to take some burden off of their shoulders is essential to our team at SERVPRO.

What Type of Damage Gets Addressed with Fire Restoration?

Flames are just a particular component of a fire incident in your Cocoa home. Heat and smoke also destroy your interior, but it is important to note that there could be hidden damage. You may also have water damage from the first responders on the scene, extinguishing the flames. Additionally, smoke particles travel throughout the air and your HVAC system if it was on at the time of the blaze. Even the smallest fire can bring on smoke-related issues that must get addressed before corrosion sets in. In some cases, smoke solidifies into soot, which brings foul odors throughout your structure. 

Smoke and soot residue removal followed by deodorization is two vital elements of our fire restoration processes here at SERVPRO. We handle this by:

  • Removing any severely charred materials
  • Cleaning all soot and smoke residues on surfaces, contents, and building materials
  • Should malodors remain after the initial two steps; we then have further methods for odor removal

Our IICRC-certified technicians have been trained to distinguish between varying levels of smoke odors, including minor, moderate, or heavy. With moderate smoke within a home, there is often residue present on surfaces, both horizontal and vertical in nature. When this occurs, there may also be structural damage confined to a single zone or room of the home.

What if the Odors are Stubborn?

When fire restoration includes heavy smoke and odors, our SERVPRO technicians utilize a range of innovative techniques. Some of the methods that we use may include the use of:

  • Deodorant pellets or granules
  • Vapor diffusers or diffusers
  • Hydroxyl generators
  • Ozone generators
  • Thermal fogging
  • Specialized sealants, and more

What About Materials Damaged Beyond Repair?

As part of our fire restoration services, SERVPRO works to mitigate damage and rebuild any of the impacted areas. While it is our goal to restore rather than replace, there are some instances when materials must be removed entirely and replaced with all-new materials. You can count on us to handle the removal of drywall, baseboards, fixtures, and any other components damaged beyond repair. Everything is replaced and then finished off to ensure that your interior is just “Like it never even happened,” so it looks just as it did before the fire. 

Of course, all surfaces throughout your home get thoroughly cleaned, deodorized, and sanitized with the help of EPA-registered cleaning agents and products. We ensure that your interior is safe and inviting for your family to resume life as you knew it before the fire took place.

Never feel as though you have to go through the aftermath of a house fire all alone. Call in the help of SERVPRO of Central Brevard for prompt-reliable fire restoration services at (321) 638-4947.

My Washer Hose in Cape Canaveral Malfunctioned – Can I Wait To Call Someone?

9/20/2020 (Permalink)

wood floor with water covering it Water damage situations in your home need to be handled properly. Contact SERVPRO 24/7 for professional remediation services.

The Flooding in Your Cape Canaveral Residence May Seem Minor but Hidden Water Can Cause Secondary Damage the Longer You Wait

When a washer hose comes loose, or a hole in the hose develops, gallons of water can come pouring out very quickly. If you are lucky enough to catch it quickly and shut off the water, the damage may seem minimal. But there can be hidden damage in your Cape Canaveral home you know nothing about or secondary damage that can turn up days later.

My Washer Was On the Second Floor – Where Did the Water Go?

In this situation, the washing machine was located on the second floor of the townhouse. The leak seemed to cause damage to the hallway and the ceiling below. When this happens, water restoration in your Cape Canaveral home should be handled by professionals who know how to locate hidden moisture. 

If the water is still flowing, it can be seen seeping into the floorboards, heading under the washer and into the seams along the walls. Moisture moves in these ways:

  • Air movement
  • Liquid flow
  • Capillary suction
  • Vapor diffusion

Water can cause further damage as it moves beyond the initially impacted area. 

Professional Water Mitigation 

Stopping the moisture movement is not always easy. SERVPRO technicians understand the action taking place and know how to provide proper water mitigation.  They also know the secondary damage that can happen when moisture is not removed rapidly. The crew employs various water restoration methods, including:

  • Water extraction – pumps, rovers, and wands can be used.
  • Handling wet material – removing it, making flood cuts, and more.
  • Drying – industrial air movers and dehumidifiers get the job done.
  • Restoration – cleaning, repairing and restoring structural elements and content.

It is never wise to wait when dealing with water intrusion. The secondary damage that can occur, such as mold, can lead to worse problems. When you work with an experienced team like SERVPRO, the process goes as smoothly as possible. Contact SERVPRO of Central Brevard at (321) 638 - 4947 for quality water restoration service.

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Does Mold Damage Disappear Naturally from Cocoa Homes?

9/2/2020 (Permalink)

Mold on wall If your home is overtaken by mold you need to call the professionals. Call SERVPRO today for remediation assistance.

With a persistently humid climate in southern Florida, Cocoa structures battle continuous mold growth threats. 

There are always structures in the right position to get impacted by potential mold and microbial threats from the thousands of homes in Cocoa to the historic Cocoa Village. As challenging and alarming as these situations can be, many have taken immediate steps to secure the experienced remediation services of our SERVPRO of Central Brevard team. Our central location can ensure that the right restoration practices get implemented immediately to protect your home. 

Mold damage to Cocoa homes might appear similar, but many underlying factors make each remediation project for our professionals unique. When faced with active colonization in a property, the appropriate approaches ensure that we can do the most to protect the structure and its contents from the spreading organism. The Applied Microbial Remediation Technicians (AMRT) of our SERVPRO team focus on three primary areas when recovering your mold-damaged home:

  • Removal of Colonies – The foundation of remediation services is the removal of mold organisms and fungus where it is found. We can often protect underlying substrates hosting mold through practices like abrasive cleaning and potent detergents and chemical agents.
  • Repairs to the Structure – The presence of mold can be more and more destructive to hosting materials until remediation completes. Our contractors can help with controlled demolition and repairs where necessary. 
  • Deodorization – Musty odors are a staple of active colonization, so with the use of deodorization practices and environmental cleaning, we can reduce and ultimately remove these effects. 

Is Mold Gone for Good in My Cocoa Home? 

With the constant humid climate, the potential for mold almost always exists in southern Florida. Installing permanent fixtures for better ventilation and dehumidification can help to reduce these possibilities immensely. 

As a coastal community, mold is hard for all of the area structures to avoid every year. Our SERVPRO of Central Brevard team can help anytime at (321) 638-4947.

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What Timelines Should We Prepare For After Flood Damage Affects Our Cape Canaveral Home?

8/29/2020 (Permalink)

Living room and Dining Room Flooded We can also help take steps that help speed up the process.

SERVPRO Helps Homeowners Affected by Storms Understand the Implications of Various Damages Thus Reducing Frustrations

Timelines can be a thorny issue in the aftermath of a flooding incident at your Cape Canaveral home. While you may want your home clean and fully restored as fast as possible, various obstacles can develop interfering with your intended goals. One way to manage the situation is having the knowledge of the expected timelines for completing different restoration tasks.

What typical aspects of flood damage restoration in Cape Canaveral consume significant time?
    •    Full evaluation of the damage
    •    Preparing the loss site for restoration
    •    Performing the restoration processes
    •    Finalizing the restoration

Since most aspects of Cape Canaveral flood damage such as wet materials and soiled areas are readily identifiable, your recovery plans might not factor in the time necessary for a full evaluation of the property, yet it is a crucial process that helps reveal the full extent of the damage. For instance, noticing pools of water on the floors does not reveal how far the moisture migrates into the floor cavity or the percentage of materials affected by contamination beyond restorable levels.

Although it may seem to be a waste of time doing evaluations rather than embarking on immediate restoration, taking such a step eliminates the possibility of surprises cropping up later on in the process. Evaluation can also help reveal opportunities that you might otherwise miss. Our SERVPRO technicians can help speed up the evaluation by using various specialized equipment for simplicity. For instance:
    •    Thermal cameras reveal wetness in floor or wall cavities without demolition
    •    We use penetrative and non-penetrative moisture meters to get the actual level of saturation
    •    Luminometers help reveal contaminated surfaces

What sort of preparation does a flood-damaged property require?
You may expect that after evaluating the damage, renovation processes start immediately. However, doing so without taking some time to prepare the loss site might not be the best approach because it can delay some processes during the renovation or create fertile ground for accidents. Preparing the loss site involves a variety of tasks, including marking hazardous areas such as slick surfaces, moving obstacles out of the way, and setting up protective barriers, which can take some time.

When our SERVPRO technicians prepare your storm-damaged property for renovation, we set up a staging area within the house to hold the equipment we need for cleaning and other tasks. We consider various aspects that increase the convenience levels, including setting up the staging area close to a bathroom or another location where we can readily access water. We also bring utility equipment such as portable generators and heaters to supply power and heat at the loss site in case there is no power at the property.

How long does restoration of flood damage take?
Mitigating the effects of storm damage in properties can take varying periods depending on the total areas affected or the types of contents held in such areas. The time that is taken before responding to the loss incident also plays a role in the restoration timelines since materials keep deteriorating the longer they are exposed to moisture, soils, or other factors such as extreme temperatures since the disconnection of power from properties is common after most flooding incidents.

In case of building materials on the floors, walls, or other sections rot or deteriorate significantly in other ways, removal is necessary. Tearing down and replacing such materials takes longer compared to simple restoration through cleaning or drying, considering there is dust, shattered wood, and broken drywall to deal with. Our SERVPRO technicians can help expedite demolition and restoration of affected areas since we use a variety of equipment based on the suitability to handle a specific task conveniently. For instance, our tool-kits have simple and advanced tools for simplifying the job, including:
    •    Perforation rollers
    •    Pry bars and crowbars
    •    Rubber hammers
    •    Molding lifters

Does every restoration project require finishing?
Finishing helps guarantee that your property looks clean, feels clean, and smells clean. Whenever there is a flooding incident at your property, steps such as deodorization, repainting or refinishing surfaces in other ways help remove traces of the incident, “Like it never even happened.” Although it might be possible to occupy the house without or before some of the finishing processes, setting aside some time to complete them is worthy.

Time is a critical factor in the restoration of flood-damaged properties. SERVPRO of Central Brevard can help you understand the expected timelines for completing individual tasks or the entire project. We can also help take steps that help speed up the process. Call us at any time at (321) 638-4947.

Storm Awareness and Preparation in Brevard County

8/26/2020 (Permalink)

As Floridians, we are accustomed to dealing with all kinds of storm events.

Hurricanes, tornadoes, flooding and storm surge, our regular afternoon thunderstorms, and even hail. Whether it comes out of the sky or from the ocean it makes its presence known in our lives multiple times every year. So here at SERVPRO of Central Brevard, we keep a close eye on the weather and are prepared to jump into action whenever the need arises. 

Each of these types of storms can cause their own unique kinds of damage. For instance, hurricanes can have wind damage, flooding, and even catastrophic structural damage. Afternoon thunderstorms can also cause wind damage and flooding, but numerous lightning strikes frequently cause structural damage and fires.  There are numerous combinations and we must all be vigilant and make sure we are prepared.

Now more than ever, during the current health crisis, early preparation is key. Necessary supplies can quickly disappear from stores during normal circumstances, when you put COVID-19 on top of that, not only are you going to deal with quickly emptying shelves but also long lines at checkout.  When survival instincts kick in even those at high risk, who should not be going out to seek supplies, will often do so anyway.  You cannot count on delivery services during these times simply because they will be overwhelmed, and supplies are likely to be short.

When preparing for a storm or hurricane event there are a number of necessary supplies we all need to have on hand to deal with the possible consequences of severe storm damage. In case of a power outage you will need flashlights, a battery-operated radio for weather updates and safety notifications, backup phone charger, and lots of batteries. Nonperishable food is essential as well as a supply of clean water to drink in case of city water contamination.  A fully stocked First Aid Kit is always a good idea to deal with minor or major injuries until emergency services can reach you.  Keep important documents such as ID and legal papers sealed in a waterproof bag so they will be safe and accessible if they are needed.  If you have pets you will need to have supplies stocked for them as well. Fill up the gas tank for all of your vehicles and make sure you have gas for a generator if you have one, fill your bathtubs with water to use for flushing toilets and cleaning, turn off your sprinklers, board up windows, secure outdoor items, and trim tree limbs.  It is also a good idea to take cash out of the bank in case of power outages cause stores to be unable to process cards.

These are just a few of the recommended items to make sure you have on hand in the event of a weather emergency.  Please see the attached Hurricane Supply Kit flyer for a more complete list of the supplies and actions we recommend.

Please be mindful and take each type of storm seriously. You never know when extreme weather will take you by surprise.

If you need help with your preparations, please do not hesitate to call us.  We offer a no-cost Emergency Ready Profile we can provide for your property to help you get back to normal as quickly as possible. And remember, if your property suffers damage in a catastrophic event we are always here to help.

When Does Water-Damaged Flooring Need Replaced in My Cocoa Home?

8/14/2020 (Permalink)

Wood floor and carpeting Flooding can quickly damage the flooring in your home. Contact SERVPRO for water removal and remediation efforts.

The saturation and deterioration of flooring materials can happen quickly in a water disaster, often leading to a need for removal and replacement. 

After water damage affects your Cocoa home, certain materials are more impacted than others. Flooring is normally one of the most heavily damaged areas of a property, precisely because this is where water pools and begins to saturate into these exposed elements. Carpeting and wood plank flooring are the most susceptible and sensitive to this absorption and subsequent damage. Identifying how severely impacted these materials have become can show our restorers what actions must get taken to return the property to preloss condition. 

Regarding water damage repair for Cocoa homes and condos, we have in-house contractors and experienced technicians to respond to both sides of the restoration and recovery necessary after disasters. When flooring becomes compromised by saturation and overexposure, our contractors can remove the portions of this surface layer that require discarding to dry the subflooring underneath more efficiently. After thorough drying of the property, these same contractors can reinstall removed flooring material to make it “Like it never even happened.” 

Is It Possible to Preserve Damaged Surface Materials? 

There is a possibility of protecting and preserving damaged flooring materials before the need for controlled demolition arises. There is a finite window where restoration is possible with extraction tools and drying equipment. This is especially true for carpeted floors that have not yet absorbed enough standing water on the surface to impact the subflooring under the padding. Extraction and drying tools to help in this effort include: 

  • Carpet Wands 
  • Weighted Extraction Devices 
  • Floor Drying Mats 

Water damage can have immediate effects on your home’s flooring materials from the onset of the disaster. Our SERVPRO of Central Brevard technicians and contractors can work together to return your property to its original condition. Give us a call today at (321) 638-4947.

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